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How can I register?
You can register by filling the form you find here. If you don't have a team, you can participate on your own, registering via the same form.

Which skills do I need to have to be able to participate?
Although the challenge is open to everyone, basic programming and mathematical skills are strongly recommended

Which are the main difference between the categories? 
The Junior and the Senior category have simplified versions of the problems (Junior for high school students and senior for undergraduate or master-level university students). Naturally, the content of the Junior category is more simplified than the Senior category. In particular, the Senior solutions 'only' have to be feasible in terms of maximum headway while the Junior category does not have to take electric vehicles nor strict constraints on the ideal headway into account (the solution has to be feasible in terms of maximum headway as well).

The Professional category has to look at the whole problem as described in the challenge description.

Do I have to be of legal age to take part in the challenge?
The challenge is open to everyone (except the ones excluded in the rules).

Where can I contact you?
Feel free to contact us via the technical info form if you have any question regarding technical information (problem with the subscription, the download of the files and so on), or via the challenge info form if you have any question regarding the challenge.

Otherwise, you can post your question on the MINOA Research Challenge Forum were we, or other participant, can publicly answer your question.

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