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The Award Committee of the MINOA Research Challenge is happy to announce the results. 11 teams have registered to the Challenge from Europe and beyond, although unfortunately we finally got no results from "Junior" teams. After the specified deadline we have collected all the received the results and the accompanying reports. The ranking for all the categories have been produced and verified: it has then been sent to all participating teams, who have accepted it. Therefore, the results are now final. The winning teams are:

- Category 'Senior': Team "miLoa" (Daniela Bernhard, Ariane Fazeny, Kai Häufel, Sebastian Kreuz, Richard  Schwank)

- Category 'Professional': Team "DEV" (Valentina Cacchiani, Daniele Pettinari, Emanuele Tresoldi)

We are grateful to all participating teams for their hard work, and we are looking forward to hearing the presentations of the winning teams.

We are also very grateful to MAIOR staff, whose valiant efforts throughout all the Challenge have been instrumental in its success.

The Award Committee, on behalf of the MINOA project consortium

Etienne de Klerk‬, Samuela Carosi, Antonio Frangioni