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ESR Days 2.0

We are pleased to announce our second online-workshop "ESR Days 2.0" that is organised by our ESRs Martina Cerulli, Chaitanya Gudapati and Henri Lefebvre! It takes place on March 4th and March 5th. Different lectures and tutorials about different topics of mixed-integer programming are held by Marianna De Santis, Antonio Frangioni, Guillaumes Marques, Tamás Terlaky, Utz-Uwe Haus, Didier Henrion. The closing tutorial is an introduction to SCIP. For details and abstracts, please click here.

The workshop is open to everyone. Due to technical limitations, at most 100 people can participate. If you would like to participate, please contact Martina Cerulli (, Chaitanya Gudapati ( and Henri Lefebvre (

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